A great part of our company success and popularity lies
in the fact of our work principles…

Our History

  • 2006  – Founding of Ideabase Technologies Sdn Bhd
  • 2006 – Appointed as the Distributor for Arahe’s Web Acceleration Solutions
  • 2007 – Resellers for Web Acceleration Solutionz
  • 2008 – Reseller for Eset’s Anti Virus Soultions

Vision & Mission

To  deliver the most effective and efficient IT solutions for our customers.

We strive to become a preferred IT partner that committed to deliver result to our client and partner.

Network and System Integration

We provide various network integrations and solutions ranging from basic LAN networking to link & load balancers and WAN optimization including deep packet inspection.

Outsourcing Services

Every organisation today is facing the problem of hiring and retaining resources to maintain the demanding needs of technology and business change. We have position ourselves to be a key answer to organisation’s problem by providing simple approach consultation to full fledged outsourcing services because we believe ‘your problem is our interests’.

Telecommunication Solution

Telecommunication solutions are the services,products,or a combination of the two offered by companies to customers in order to help them makes use of telecommunications successfully.