What We Do

  • Network & Systems Integrations

    We provide various network integrations and solutions ranging from basic LAN networking to link & load balancers and WAN optimization including deep packet inspection. In extend to that, we also have expertise in security, VPN and wireless solutions to complete the ever challenging networking requirements of organisations today.

  • Telecommunication Solutions

    The landscape of telecommunication services has never been so interesting until today where one will see the immediate convergence of voice, mobile and data onto simple daily devices used by millions of subscribers. We are always exploring for opportunities to provide value added services with local and regional telecommunication players in enhancing their services and retaining loyal subscribers.

  • Outsourcing & Professional Services

    Every organisation today is facing the problem of hiring and retaining resources to maintain the demanding needs of technology and business change. We have position ourselves to be a key answer to organisation's problem by providing simple approach consultation to full fledged outsourcing services because we believe 'your problem is our interests'.