SA Series

Ensures that remotes and mobile employees, customers, and partners have anytime, anywhere access to coperate resources and applications.Juniper Networks is the clear leader in the SSL VPN market. Although its solution has enjoyed a much more comfortable lead in the past, Juniper continues to maintain its success by focusing on superior client access, endpoint security, and reliability. The result is the most well-rounded solution that excels at all the core requirements. In fact, the only significant downside is its price which, according to our evaluation, had the highest MSRP. However, Juniper enjoys a substantially larger customer base than the other vendors, providing it with the best "operational experience." In other words, if you're looking to deploy an SSL VPN, you can be confident that Juniper has seen similar requirements and will provide the necessary pre- and post-sales support to implement your remote access project. Juniper has a range of SSL boxes from the small, medium-sized enterprises up to large enterprises and service provider. Here is the SA Series lineup of products SA700, SA2500, SA4500, SA6500.